Al Sidra
Diyar Al Muharraq | Muharraq Governorate

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Compound Details

Alsidra is a unique concept that aims at providing people with the opportunity to enjoy a natural feeling of belonging in addition to a diversified and vibrant lifestyle. In it’s shade, Alsidra will build a diverse community that will be the basis for a great city. Alsidra will empower you to adopt a lavish and luxurious lifestyle with villas boasting spacious living rooms as well as serene and beautiful gardens. It’s the perfect sanctuary in the heart of Muharraq. We created an array of exclusive and distinct designs to allow you to decide the type of vibe your home is going to have. Be it Muharraq, Mohammedia, Milano, Genoa or Oslo, Alsidra will help you to enjoy every facet of your living experience.